These are beta products.

They are of use to programmers only.

They require Visual Studio 2003.

It is a wrapper around (and requires) GapiDraw 2.04 or 3.0.

Pocket PC Development Libraries

This page contains graphics and sound libraries for the PocketPc.

The libraries are:

GapiDraw.Net - Graphics library
Hekkus.Net - Sound library


GapiDraw.Net - Pocket PC graphics library

GapiDraw.Net is a .net wrapper around GapiDraw, a graphics library for the Pocket PC. Note:  Gapidraw is no longer freeware.  See their site for details.

In order for GapiDraw.Net to run, it requires GapiDraw 2.04 or 3.00 from Without Gapidraw 2.04 dll's, the sample applications will not run!


Download it here

GapiDraw.Net 3.01 beta 4 (includes demos and demo dll)

GapiDraw.Net 2.04 beta 2

Demos only (inc gapidraw dll)

And get Gapidraw!


Hekkus.Net - Freeware Pocket PC sound library

Hekkus.Net is a .net wrapper around around the PocketPc sound library Hekkus Sound System (HSS) by Thomas Maniero, a freeware sound library for the Pocket PC.

Hekkus.Net has the following features:

  • supports all Windows and PocketPc .net environments
  • mix up to 3 ProTracker module and up to 64 waves sound.
  • free for freeware/shareware and commercial games!
  • source code provided (get HSS source here)


Download it here:

HekkusNet beta 2